Don’t go the wrong away about trying to find the right employee

The first step for a hiring manager in the recruitment process is recognising that you need to add to your team – be it for expansion or replacing an outgoing member. However, once the need to recruit is recognised, what is then the most important step in the process?

To answer this question, you must first ask what it is you want at the end of the process. Ideally you want to find a candidate who is perfect for the role and the company. So, it could therefore be argued that candidate identification the answer to the question of what the most important step in the recruitment process is.

To assist you in the best way possible, Peridot Recruit Limited will go over a few things that you need to avoid doing when trying to identify your perfect candidate.

Firstly, as powerful a tool as Google may be, it will not put the right people in front of your eyes. You need to do more research and think outside the box when using the internet to assist you.

Put yourself in the mind of someone who would fit the role and ask yourself what is the best way to reach them? Where is the best place to find them? How can you best engage them?

The next thing to avoid is assuming that a generic job description will attract top talent. Just like many other things in the world, jobs evolve. The requirements of a role, the skills needed, advances in technology and changes in the market place can mean that an entirely different job description is need from a similar role you recruited for last year. This means you need to keep up-to-date with your industry and how any changes can potentially impact your next candidate search.

It is also important to remember that CVs are not infallible. Candidates are under a lot of pressure to ensure that their CVs are streamlined, brief and eye-catching. This can often mean having to omit certain details or skills that may be superfluous to what is in the job description.



For this reason, it is important that you read the CVs thoroughly and avoid just scanning for keywords. You may find that there are candidates who may not be perfect on paper, but when given a chance at the interview, they will show you that they are exactly what you are looking for.

The final thing to avoid is underestimating the power of the word “network”. If you reach out to a potential candidate then you become part of their network and while they may not be interested in the position, they may know someone just as talented who is.

People are more connected with each other now than they ever have been, and it would be in your best interests not to ignore that.

Candidates have to put a lot of work into finding a job, but this should also be true of the employers. The efforts put forward by the candidate in terms of their experience, skills and job seeking should earn them the job. The efforts put forward by the company in terms of conducting a thorough search and trying to attract the best talent should earn them the best candidate.

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