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Asthma & Allergy Foundation

Asthma & Allergy Foundation

“Find out how Asthma & Allergy Foundation has benefitted from working with Peridot Recruit Limited in increasing their recruitment advertising efforts!”​

The Organisation

Asthma & Allergy Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality, life and health outcomes for the people living with asthma in Scotland.

The Challenge​

We chatted with Martina Chukwuma-Ezike, CEO at Asthma & Allergy Foundation, to find out how they have found working with Peridot Recruit Limited on their recruitment advertising.

“We at Asthma & Allergy Foundation were proactively looking for a supplier to support us with our recruitment, ideally without the cost of traditional recruitment agencies and with more focus on recruitment advertising to increase the reach of our job advertisements. We did start working with another recruitment advertising firm but found the turnaround times on advert creation and job posting were not ideal. With this in mind, we needed a supplier who could deliver, fast.”

The Solution

We were introduced to Peridot Recruit Limited. The rest is history.

The Results

“Peridot Recruit Limited is easy to recommend. They are effortless to use and engage with, they are efficient in all they do, and their service is second to none. We successfully filled the vacancy and have used the service twice since then with one ongoing”.